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Publishing Offer? New Bursary. Entries by November 2009
Infinity Junction
Literacy consultant and editor
Advice for new writers
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Proof readers
Lucy Irvine's help Individual courses. Mod.fees.
The Internet: A Writer's Guide includes details regarding copyright
The K site for writers You can add your own page free to this site. Your own site added to their page costs £40.
Aestetica An opportunity to advertise your work.
E-book seller. Try your book on it before publishing! They will help you sell your book if there are sufficient downloads.
The Writers' Forum Helping you to get published Looks useful. Includes competitions.
The K site for writers You can add your own page free to this site. Your own site added to their page costs £40.
A site offering print on demand.
The Internet resource for writers of all abilities, everywhere.
Can write, will write site
The Writers' Copyright Association, UK
Some light relief! A humorous site of short articles on gardening
Google writers page

From Trevor Lockwood: Minerva Press, vanity publishers, recently went bust. Their authors have been receiving a new ‘deal’ from UpFront Publishing who tell me they have nothing to do with Minerva. They are a phoenix company and I see no reason why anyone should deal them. There is no need to pay money to have your work published. These people are little better than charlatans, and it is time we told writing magazines and newspapers not to accept their advertisements. With print on demand now easily available they are no longer required.

If you would like your page added, or you have a gem of help on how to get published, please let me know. If you try any of these entries, I would be grateful to have any comments. Very many thanks. Please write!

Publishing Offer?

My Favourite Books

Molly Freeman
David Green
Adrian Rice
Christopher Nichols
Jonathan Steffen
Dennis Younger
Cliff Blake and Harry Potter A poem, but a visit to Cliff's webpage will show he is an author too. Gentle stories that you will enjoy.
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Molly Freeman and Adrian Rice
Molly Freeman and Adrian Rice publications including courses for primary school classes
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David Green
My first novel, Music of Maninjau, has just been published by Bluechrome (www.bluechrome.co.uk). It is 'a mesmerising story about the structure, the beauty and the very essence of music' (not the author's words). David Green's webpage for more information.
Webmaster writes: I have just bought this book online. It is, I think, beautifully written. Its setting is in the Far East.
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Christopher Nichols
Christopher Nichols has just completed his first novel, The Complete Astral Traveller. It was  written last year in Ely, UK,  and published last month (on 22 July 2004). 
  The book challenges conventional values and beliefs and asks some thought-provoking questions. He hopes that it will also raise a laugh or two and thinks it will appeal to anyone with an open and questioning mind, from philosophy buffs to Douglas Adams fans.

Details of Christopher Nichols

It is now in book shops (Ottakar's, Waterstone's  etc)  and on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

The Complete Astral Traveller ISBN 904762034.
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Elisha Porat
Elisha Porat a 1996 winner of Israel's Prime Minister's Prize for Literature, has published more than a dozen volumes of fiction and poetry, in Hebrew, since 1973. His works have appeared in translation in Israel, the United States, Canada and England. Mr. Porat was born in 1938 to a "pioneer" family in Petah Tikva, Israel. In the early 1930's his parents were among the founders of Kibbutz Ein Hahoresh, where Mr. Porat was raised and still makes his home. Mr. Porat was drafted into the Israeli Army in 1956, served in a frontline reconnaissance unit and fought the Six Day war in 1967, and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. A short story by him -- On the Road to Beirut is also posted at Ariga. For several of his short stories.
As a lifelong member of his Kibbutz, Mr. Porat has worked as a farmer as well as a writer. Mr. Porat currently performs editorial duties for several literary journals. Porat page
poems, fiction, interview, reviews
poetry, fiction
Amazon bookshop, The Messiah of LaGuardia
A review of the Messiah of LaGuardia
Payback, a new fiction ebook, published August, 2002
Elisha Porat page
Elisha Porat is the author of The Messiah of LaGuardia, a collection of stories.
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Jonathan Steffen
Jonathan Steffen's has written many stories and poems and has lectured in creative writing. He now has a website www.falconeditions.com


If someone has any question regarding translation German into English or into and from Spanish please contact Jose Mota, who would be happy to help. If someone needs help translating something he would also try to help in his spare time. He would like to translate full-time. Jose Mota, e-mail: Jose Mota at motta_es@yahoo.co.uk


There is a new twist to the publishing game and it is, of course, on-line. Writers Showplace Inc. is an on-line literary referral agency connecting writers of fiction and non-fiction novels with publishers and agents worldwide. WSi posts the authors query (w/bio) and the first 2500 words of completed and polished novels, and then they target market the work to publishing industry professionals who specialize in that genre.

August marked their third anniversary and they have had 400 manuscripts requested, resulting in 28 agent contracts and 6 book deals. They do charge for showcasings. $75 for 12 weeks. Writers Showplace


If you would like your page added, Mail from here!

MA in Writing for Young People

Bath Span University College has been a leading centre for the teaching of Creative Writing for many years. Since 1992, the MA in Creative Witing has produced published novelists and poets, broadcast dramatists and story writers. Now BSUC has launched a specialist MA in Writing for Young People, taught by a team of tutors all of whom are published in that field.
This is a practical, lively, workshop-based course on a sound academic foundation, and invites applications from writers (for all ages from early readers to young adults) with a serious wish to see their work in print.
For more information please contact: patgricia Lynn, School of English and Creative Studies, Bath Spa University College, Newton Park, Newton St Loe, Bath BA2 9BN. Telephone 01225 875559 or e-maiL: p.lynn@bathspa.ac.uk

My Favourite Books

A Finnish gentleman's library He writes that it is a pick from among about 1500 titles in Finnish (the majority, especially the older ones), English (several hundred), German (a few tens): in no particular order, single title / author, science fiction (a couple of hundred) mostly missing due to laziness, maybe later on. The page is excellent with many of my favourite authors there. Including Vickrum Seth who wrote the saga A Suitable Boy which is a wonderful book. Very long but delves into every aspect of Indian life. The Diary of a Nobody is included, obviously a very well-read person:-)

Dick Francis is a prolific writer of whom everyone must know. I enjoy his writings because they are gripping and also always have some extraneous information which is obviously researched. Similar to the novels of Ian Fleming, whose books are equally gripping and equally have been researched in depth. I can find no leads to Dick Francis on the Web. His latest book is still in its Christmas wrapping paper, my son gives it to me annually, knowing it is exactly what I would like. But I am just finishing Come to Grief which is excellent, of course. It is interesting that his heroes are often crippled in some way. Dick Francis

Facing the Music, ISBN 009-946801, and Price for Everything, ISBN are written by Mary Sheepshanks, published in paperback by Arrow. A third novel is appearing later this year. These two books are excellent. They are akin to the novels of Joanna Trollope. Mary has a great sense of humour, and a very perceptive view of small children. I went to a boarding school with Mary. The books show a none too reverent streak in them, very unlike Mary, I thought. I asked her if she had not been a very virtuous pupil and she said no, the worst thing she had done was to organise a bus trip to a nearby town. We weren't allowed outside the school gates, so very daring. What did you do when you got there? We just came back. The worst thing we did at the school was to go round the adjacent graveyard in the dark, which we absolutely knew to be haunted.

Belcarron, ISBN 0-7499-0266-3, and The House by the Sea, ISBN 0-7499-0348-1, by Anna Macklan. These books are very well researched and are about the problems arising in the divided Ireland of 1885 and the problems of living in Argentina. They are both excellent and riveting books. Unfortunately only available in hardback, published by Piatkus. Another of her books is due out this year. This time about Edinburgh.
Catherine's Land by Anne Douglas. This is the story of a Land - a building of separate dwellings, communicating by a common stair. It is set in Edinburgh during the 1940's. It is a fascinating account of life at that time which has been well researched.
ISBN Hardback 0-7499-04127, paperback 0-7499-3036-5

Graham Greene is the author on whom I wrote my thesis at Teacher Training College, don't want you to get it wrong - not particularly erudite! He writes so beautifully. If one just reads one paragraph it is instantly recognisable as his writing. Travels with My Aunt is, I think, his lightest novel with humour interspersed. But his travelogues, such as The Lawless Roads which was later used in his novel The Power and the Glory and Journey without Maps which was used in A Burnt-Out Case , are very interesting in showing how this author's mind works.

Anthony Powell is a very fine author. The books follow the life of one Jennings and his friends, from school, through careers, the war and after. They are very addictive and one welcomes the characters as old friends. I am delighted to be able to report that there is now a Society for Anthony Powell devotees.

Mervyn Peake's The Titus Books comprised of the three Gormenghast books make a very good read. I swear I caught a cold huddled in an imaginary tree in a torrent of rain whilst reading the saga.

Saki not much read nowadays. But his humour and one-liners are great. Everyone knows "She was a good cook as good cooks go, and as good cooks go, she went."
Wiki Biography of Saki with some of his stories.


Published 28th January:
The Internet: A Writers Guide
ISBN 0 7136 5192 X
A & C Black, £9.90 208pp ordering and sample text at: www.internetwriter.co.uk

Jane Dorner is well-known in writing circles for her books and articles on web publishing and new technologies for writers. She represents the Society of Authors on the Council of the Authors Licensing & Collecting Society, is on the Board of the Copyright Licensing Agency and is a Director of the Writing and Computers Association. As a result, she singularly placed to evaluate the impact of the Internet on writers and journalists both now and in the future. This book merges extensive experience with personal comment.

Whether you are using the Internet as a means of publishing your work or as an aid to your research, this book gives practical, thoughtful and in-depth advice on how the Internet can be of use to you as a writer. It explores how

to: extend the use of email
join writers' circles and reading groups
locate agents, editors, translators or publishers
find books and bibliographical references
exploit electronic writing as a new art form
evaluate new publishing opportunities
resource creative writing courses

A unique listings section of over 800 websites for writers is in the book is now online -- password-protected (the password is in the book).

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Infinity Junction An organisation aiming at promoting and helping the best unpublished and self-published authors to get recognition. At present inviting short story submissions from unpublished authors for a properly published anthology of 50 spine-chilling tales, of stories not exceeding about 3,500 words. Closing date 31 July 2001. Submissions with s.a.e should be sent to Infinity Junction, PO Box 64, Neston DO, CH64 OWB. But note you get paid nothing for this, but do retain copyright. It is purely in the hope that your work will get seen in a printed form.
Would be very interested to hear from anyone who has dealings with Infinity Junction.
Infinity Junction webpage Pamela Mann has been teaching fiction writing for eight years. She offers three courses plus a critique service on the website. The courses include:
Ideas and where to get them;
a fairly in-depth look at the structure of a work of fiction;
Writing a synopsis and
How to approach a publisher.

Pamela's webpage or e-mail info@writing-fiction.com

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The Writers' Copyright Association, UK
*Important Announcement for all writers*

The Writers Copyright Association have recently undergone a refurbishment.

Of course you can still visit our site to copyright protect your screnplay or other literary work.

But now we also offer the following:

1. Legal Contracts for Film.
2. Film Templates
3. Upload multiple files for copyright protection.

And loads more.

The WCA continues to be the leading UK association for the protection of copyright.

Thanks for your time.

Valerie Harte
Writers' Copyright Association, UK
E-mail: admin@wcauk.com
Web page for the Writers' Copyright Association WCAUK
T04, Ealing Film Studios
Ealing Green
Ealing, London W5 5EP
work: 08707 442 513
fax: 08707 442 514
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Aesthetica:   New opportunity to publicise your magazine in Aesthetica... Hello   I am writing to you from Aesthetica magazine. Aesthetica is a nationally distributed contemporary culture magazine that covers new writing, artwork, film, and music. We have just redeveloped the magazine to make it more accessible and easier to read. We've added new sections such as SciArt and comedy. The magazine is now A4, glossy, and just better designed!   We are writing to you to see if you would be interested in having your magazine or book reviewed in the new 'Bookshelf' section of Aesthetica in which we review small press magazines and books. The next issue features Chapman, Agenda, The Orphan Leaf Review, and a collection by UV Ray.   We are very keen to be involved with the literary/small press scene and are interested in helping you to promote your work. Aesthetica is now distributed nationally throughout the ! UK and supported by ACE.   We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you if you would like to exchange web links? It is a great way to get more people to your site and vice versa. If you would like to exchange links please send me your URL. In the meantime ours is www.aestheticamagazine.com   If you would like to send your magazines/books for review for The Bookshelf in Aesthetica please send to:   Aesthetica PO Box 371 York YO23 1WL UK

Cherie Federico
The Editor
A Review of Contemporary Artists
Aesthetica Magazine
Comments to webmaster@sndc.demon.co.uk
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