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Updated 1st December, 2014
Richard Peacock’s “Symbols Of Love”
2 New books of David Jones
The Winter of the World" Poems of the Great War: the Definitive Anthology
John Cowper Powys on Thomas Hardy Branch Lines A celebration of Edward Thomas Poets of the First World War
In the Steps of Thomas Hardy
Kilvert's Diary on CD
Collected Poems of John Meade Falkner
A James Martineau Miscellany
A Collector's Item for Rider Haggard enthusiasts
The Shakespeare Enigma by Peter Dawkins
John Ruskin and the Lakeland Arts Revival 1880-1920 by Sara E. Haslam
No Soft Incense: Barbara Pym and the Church' edited by Hazel Bell
George Eliot and Victorian Attitudes to Racial Diversity, Colonialism, Darwinism, Class, Gender, Culture and Prophecy by Brenda McKay
Neil Munro by Lesley Lendrum
Blind Love (1890) by Wilkie Collins
George Eliot by Brenda McKay
I Sang in My Chains Dylan Thomas 50th Anniversary Celebration
"Exploring New Roads", edited by the Society's Chairman and Secretary (Ronald W Renton and Brian D Osborne)
Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell: Remembering St Ives by Marion Dell and Marion Whybrow.
Virginia Woolf Public and Private Negotiations by Anna Snaith.
Books on Barbara Pym"All This Reading" WRITERSGATE of Barbara Pym
Four British Woman Novelists: Anita Brookner, Margaret Drabble, Iris Murdoch, Barbara Pym; An Annotated and Critical Secondary Bibliography by George Soule. Lanham, MD and London
Harriet Martineau At Ambleside by Barbara Todd
Two books announced by the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust
Thomas Lovell Beddoes Poems & Songs
The Master and the Congressman, publication announced by the Anthony Powell Society
Building Cosmopolis, The Political Thought of H.G. Wells
Pitkin Guide to George Eliot
New biogaphy of Wilfred Owen
Literary Norfolk
["bookfinder"] advertisement
Victorian Literature and Culture
The New Writer
Publications of the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society
John Betjeman
John Clare - Love Poems
The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens
Rewards of wonder. Poems of Cotswold France, London, by Ivor Gurney
The Text of Shelley's Death
A critical re-evaluation of the poetry of Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, John Drinkwater, Wilfrid Gibson and Edward Thomas

The poetry of Richard Peacock contained within "Symbols Of Love" is astonishing! It is among the best of our time! Inside "Symbols Of Love" you will find out much more about this modern day poet who's bloodline flows rich with English, Irish & Finnish heritage.

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David Jones: a personal collection of Poetic and Spiritual Paintings, Drawings and Engraving £4.00 incl p & p to Rupert Otten at the Monmow Valley Arts Centre, Middle Hunt House, nr Abergavenny, Herefordshire HR2 0DY.
The Contemporary Art Society for Wales (CASW) celebrates 70 years with a collection of essays on some of Wales's artists to be published by the Gregynog Press. Anne Price-Owen's contribution is entitled David Jones & the Women in his life It will be a limited edition, quarter leather bound. Further details from profcurtis@btinternet.com or the DJS.
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The Winter of the World Poems of the Great War edited by Dominic Hibberd and John Onions, £25.00 hardback. ISBN 978-1-84529-515-8 Published by Constable.
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John Cowper Powys on Thomas Hardy has recently been published by the Powys Society and is available from Stephen Powys Marks, 23 Cleveland Walk, Bath BA2 6JW. Price £4.50 (includes p & p. For further publications visit the Powys website.

"Branch Lines" published by Enitharmon.
Guy Cuthbertson &;& Lucy Newlyn editors)
Branch-Lines: Edward Thomas and Contemporary Poetry Foreword by Andrew Motion afterword by Michael Longley
Hardback, 264pp, ISBN 9781904634355
Due for publication October 2007.
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Greenwich Exchange Student Guide series GE
Poets of the First World War
by John Greening
Writing from a poet's perspective himself, John Greening here considers some neglected names from the Great War - Wilfrid Gibson, Laurence Binyon, Charles Sorley and, of course, Ivor Gurney -while reassessing the work of established figures such as Owen, Sassoon, Rosenberg, Thomas, Blunden and Graves. Each chapter provides a biographical summary and close analysis of the verse. There is a discussion, too, of other key poems from the period, including the contribution made by women writers. John Greening closes his study with a chapter on the influence of the war on later poets, such as Michael Longley and Ted Hughes.
John Greening has published ten collections of poetry, most recently The Home Key (Shoestring, 2003). Among other awards, he has received the Bridport Prize and the Times Literary Supplement Centenary Prize. He studied at Swansea, Exeter and Mannheim Universities, worked for BBC Radio 3, and taught with Voluntary Service Overseas in Upper Egypt, but he is currently teaching in Huntingdonshire. He is a regular reviewer of poetry for the Times Literary Supplement.
[Paperback, 150pp, ISBN 1-871551-79-X]
Price £ 9.99
I enclose my cheque / postal order for £ made payable to: GREENWICH EXCHANGE LTD or please invoice me [ ]
Address: 8 Balmoral Close, Billericay, Essex CM11 2LL Tel: 01277 627471 Fax: 020 8858 6004
Address .....................................................................................
Post code ...................... Tel ....................... Fax ........................
Signature............................. Date .....................
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I would like to have written the review myself, but I want to get this up and tempus fugits. Buy this book and Enjoy! For further details Anne- Marie Edwards website.
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Kilvert's Diary This is a CD version of the 1980 LP of Saydisc which has not been available for many years. The extracts are read by Tmothy Davies who played Kilvert in the BBC TV series of the Seventies.
Excellent selection of 41 Diary extracts. Purchase by mail order at £11.50 post free (unless outside the UK) from Griffin & Co. Ltd., Church House, St Mary's Gate, 96 Church Street, Lancaster LA1 1TD. Tel: 01524 044 399 Email: sales@griffinrecords.co.uk
A Collector's Item Rider Haggard
To commemorate the 150 years since Haggard's birth, Jeremy Mills Ltd. are publishing a COLLECTOR'S ITEM: this wil be a large book containing three Haggard stories: She, King Solomon's Mines and Nada the Lily. The first and last title will have with them the rarest original illustrations: most only available in very rare pre-publication serialisations. The cover will also have an unique feature. This will cost about £59 if bought direct but less through their contact. There will also be a cheaper standard version. Again, more details from Roger Allen.
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book coverThe Shakespeare Enigma by Peter Dawkin
A new book on the Shakespeare Authorship Question.
A new political thriller.
Peter Dawkins' detailed and extensive research into Shakespeare's life and works and his contemporaries, and the more secret history of Shakespeare's time leads inexorably to surprising conclusions.
ISBN 0-9545389-4-4

`No Soft Incense: Barbara Pym and the Church' edited by Hazel Bell
The Church of England was a source of endless fascination to Barbara Pym, and provided a rich background for much of her writing. It is not surprising, therefore, that the theme of Pym and the Church has run through the Barbara Pym Society's conferences in one form and another since the Society's founding 10 years ago. ‘No Soft Incense’ draws together a number of papers which have been delivered to the Society through the years, all of which shed light on Pym's relationship with the Church. Edited by Hazel K. Bell, the book features a foreword by James Runcie (‘Miss Pym’s Day Out’) and papers by: Triona Adams, Eleonore Biber, Tim Burnett, Kate Charles, The Revd. David Cockerell, Joy Grant, Fr. Gerard Irvine, Judy McInnis, Fr. Gabriel Myers and Robert Smith; with an index.
No Soft Incense’ is a must for anyone interested in the writings of Barbara Pym and the world she inhabited.
Cost: £7.50, P&P add 56p (UK), £2.50 (US/Canada airmail)
The Edward Mellen Press, Mellen House, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 8LT
email emp@mellen.demon.co.uk
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Blind Love (1890) by Wilkie Collins

Blind Love is Wilkie Collins's final novel. Although he did not live to complete the work, be left detailed plans for the last third of this absorbingly plotted novel which were faithfully executed by his colleague, the popular author Walter Besant.

The novel is set during the Irish Land War of the early 1880s and tells the story of Iris Henley, an independent young woman who marries the "wild" Lord Harry Norland, a member of an Irish secret society, and becomes unhappily drawn into a conspiracy plot.

1-55111-447-X US $16.95 CDN $19.9 UK. £8/99 AUS $26.95
Maria K Bachman is Assistant Professor of English at Coastal Caroline University, Conway, South Carolina. She has published articles on Samuel Richardson, Charles Dickens and Benjamin Disraeli.
Don Richard Cox is Professor of English and Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tenessee, Knoxville. He has published articles on Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle, among others and many books.
Both editors also co-edited Reality's Dark Light: the Sensational Wilkie Collins (University of Tennessee Press, 2003)
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George Eliot and Victorian Attitudes to Racial Diversity, Colonialism, Darwinism, Class, Gender and Jewish Culture and Prophecy by Brenda McKay Book cover
This interdisciplinary approach to Eliot's writings places her within the wider context of debates on racial and cultural differences, furnishing an altered perspective for scholars to return to her fiction and poetry. It brings together a discussion of her fiction with an account of the activities of Victorian members of groups such as the Anthropological Society, scrutinising Eliot's dislike of colonialism and her responses to the Indian Mutiny and the Jamaica rebellion. It also examines Victorian attitudes to Gypsies, Black slaves, Indians, Jews and Turks. The novels are discussed within context of contemporary theories about race, with reference to Robert Knox, Darwin, Huxley, and the work of social philosophers Comte and Herbert Spencer. A range of other writers are discussed in relation to Eliot, including J. G. Herder, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Richard Wagner, the ethnologists J. C. Prichard and Gobineau, and Jewish writers from Halevi, Maimonides, Luria and Cordovero to Max Nordau and Herzl.
ISBN 0-7734-621-5 $139.9./£84.95 604PP. 2003
Special Offer: Individuals: Save 20% on the list price by using your Mastercard/Visa and ordering by phone.
Book available fromThe Edwin Mellen Press, Mellen House, Lampeter, Ceredigion SA48 8LT. Tel: 01570 423356. email: emp@mellen.demon.co.uk www.mellenpress
"Exploring New Roads", edited by the Society's Chairman and Secretary (Ronald W Renton and Brian D Osborne)Earlier this year the Society's long-term project to have published the first-ever collection of essays on Munro's life and work came to fruition. "Exploring New Roads", edited by the Society's Chairman and Secretary (Ronald W Renton and Brian D Osborne) was published by House of Lochar. (ISBN 1 899863 76 1 £16.99). Among the essays are studies of Munro's principal novels, the humorous fiction, journalism, and various biographical studies Eploring New Roads
Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell: Remembering St Ives by Marion Dell and Marion Whybrow. Through this book the authors provide fresh insight into Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf. In the formative years of their childhood they spent every summer with their large family and numerous friends at Talland House in St Ives. 100 b/w & colour ills. Ordinance survey references. Bibliography. Index. 208pp. Hardback. ISBN 0-9534079-1-8. Publication 9.10.03. £19.95. To order or for further information, please contact Tabb House, 7 Church Street, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 9BG, Tel/Fax 01841 532316 E-Mail: books@tabb-house.fsnet.co.uk
Virginia Woolf Public and Private Negotiations by Anna Snaith. Anna Snaith is a Lecturer inEnglish at Anglia Polytechnic University. pub. June 2003, 208pp, Hardback £55 OSMN 0-333-76027-1 OR PAPERBACK £15.99 1-4039-1178-9
"All This Reading" WRITERSGATE of Barbara Pym is a collection of new essays edited by Frauke Elizabeth Lenckos and e Ellen J Miller pulished by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.
The first part of the book is of essays on the books and seems repetitive. There are discussions on the books but not on the life outside the books as there is with authors such as Jane Austen. Perhaps this is because Barbara Pym is a modern author so we know of the events outside the books and the lives that were led there and thus the interest is within the books themselves, and the themes are constant, spinsterhood, age, and the clergy. However, in the second part of the book, Barbara Pym springs to life and her books become much more appealing and one is inspired to read them forthwith. There are many references to authors including Iris Murdoch, Charlotte M Yonge, Keats, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Betjeman, Housman and most importantly Philip Larkin, who with Lord David Cecil put Barbara Pym back on the map in 1977 in the T.L.S. as the most underrated novelist of the century. The essay on the correspondence between Barbara Pym and Philip Larkin is worth the cost of the book on its own.
The book ends with a quotation from Eudora Welry, "Quiet, paradoxical, funny and sad" Barbara Pym's novels "have the iron in them of permanence too."
ISBN 0-8386-3956-9 Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

Four British Woman Novelists: Anita Brookner, Margaret Drabble, Iris Murdoch, Barbara Pym; An Annotated and Critical Secondary Bibliography by George Soule. Lanham, MD and London:
Scarecrow Press, and Passadena, CA and Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, 1998. 521 pp. Index. £51.50. ISBN 0-8108-3505-3. Hardback.

The annotation and criticism of the subtitle are indeed full and through in this bibliography of four woman novelists. Murdoch dominates it, but, of the final 77 pages devoted to works on Pym, criticism of the first two, by Katherine Ackley, takes a full page; Janice Rossen's volume, The world of Barbara Pym, receives a detailed account of nearly two pages. The first section, on `General Studies', covers 107 items - books or articles; then, in `Criticism of individual novels', more are treated in the same way. Some fascinating titles are included: ©The language of Christianity in Pym's novelsª, ©What shall we do with our old maids?ª, ©Cozy heroines: quotidian bravery in Barbara Pym's novelsª, ©Humoring the sentence: women's dialogic comedyª, ©Pym's homosexualsª and ©For the ovaltine had losened her tongueª. The most frequently cited authors on Pym are Anne Wyatt-Brown (17 references in the index), Janice Rossen (16), and Katherine Ackley, Orphia Jane Allen and Charles Burkhart (14 each). An admirably thorough reference book, but also enjoyable just to browse in. Hazel K. Bell

Harriet Martineau At Ambleside by Barbara Todd has just won The Lake District Book of The Year Award 2003. (ISBN 1 90414701 1) Published by Bookcase, 17 Castle St., Carlisle @ £10.00. Available direct from publisher or www.bookscumbria.com. which contains more information.
Currently reviewed in Gaskell Society Journal, Vol 17 by Prof Valerie Sanders, Hull University.
FEATURING: Hardy's many allusions in the Life to the work of other writers. For instance, there are some eight or nine allusions to Robert Browning's poetry which readily identify the source of "mountainous fugues" or ''wronged great soul of an ancient master", yet Hardy obviously assumed that in his own day readers would accept without suspicion that even Florence Hardy, the books nominal author, quote an apposite phrase.
IN ADDITION: notes and glosses to numerous references in Hardy s text. This aspect of the article is a preliminary step towards the kind of annotated edition which the Adelaide die of? what did Lady Florence Paget do in Marshall and Snelgrove's? what was the Crawford-Dilke case?

TO ORDER Contact: Rosemarie.morgan@yale.edu
Price to TTHA Members: $10 (£8) + $4/£3 postage
Price to Non Members: $20 (£18) + $4/£3 postage
Please quote your membership number
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Neil Sinyard's book Graham Greene: A Literary Life published by Palgrave MacMillan.
Norman Sherry's third and final volume of The Life of Graham Greene was published on the 99th anniveersary of his birth, 2 October 2003.
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Beddoes Book Thomas Lovell Beddoes
read by
Alan Halsey &
Geraldine Monk

approx.65 minutes
including all the songs
from Death's Jest-Book
& a selection of other
poems & lyrics
£5 incl. p&p (£4 to TLB Society members)
Orders to The Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society, 11 Laund Nook, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1GY or
Alan Halsey Books, 40 Crescent Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1HN
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The Master and The Congressman by John S. Monagan
ISBN 0954173619; price £5; publication date 7th April 2003

On the face of it, the friendship between the novelist Anthony Powell (1905-2000), Old Etonian and self-categorised 'Old Tory' and John S. Monagan (bom 1911), a Democratic Congressman of Irish Catholic background, was an unlikely one. But this charming pamphlet written by "The Congressman" (as Monagan, a devoted fan of the Master, was known by the Powell family) for the Anthony Powell Society gives an instructive and entertaining account of their conversations together during visits made to the home of Anthony and Lady Violet Powell in Somerset. The author certainly succeeds in his aim of 'imparting to readers the friendliness, charm and hospitality of Violet Powell and the frankness, brilliance and humour of Anthony Powell. His observations of their personalities and imaginative taste in decoration are rich in telling detail. The Congressman captures the Master's sympathetic curiosity and 'disarming intimacy'. There are fascinating insights into Powell's working methods and discipline (the writing of a novel is compared to building a wall of rocks, 'stone by stone'); the importance of 'what the writer hears' in dialogue; and amusing anecdotes about Cyril Connolly, Ivy Compton-Burnett and WRITERSGATE.

Now that so few friends of Anthony and Lady Violet Powell survive, this affectionate study in miniature by a nonagenarian contemporary is especially valuable and welcome. It is published to coincide with the second biennial Conference of the Anthony Powell Society to be held on 7th & 8th April at Balliol College, Oxford (at which the Master's time was characteristically described to the Congressman as not 'the absolute wonder of my life').

Further information may be obtained from:
Dr KC Marshall, Hon. Secretary, The Anthony Powell Society,
76 Ennismore Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 OJW, UK
Phone: +44 (0)20 8864 4095 Fax: +44 (0)20 8864 6109
Email: secretary@anthonypowell.org.uk or kcm@cix.co.uk
The Anthony Powell Society www.anthonypowell.org.uk
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Building Cosmopolis, The Political Thought of H.G. Wells
John S. Partington, University of Reading, UK

Alongside his reputation as an author, H.G. Wells is also remembered as a leading political commentator of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Building Cosmopolis presents the worldview Wells developed between his student days at me Normal School of Science (1884-1887) and his death in 1946. During this time, Wells developed a unique political philosophy, grounded on the one hand in the theory of "Ethical Evolution" as propounded by his professor, T.H. Huxley, and on the other in late Victorian socialism. From this basis Wells developed a worldview which rejected class struggle and nationalism and embraced global co-operation for the maintenance of peace and the advancement of the human species in a world society.

Although committed to the idea of a world state Wells became more antagonistic to the nation state as a political unit during the carnage of the First World War. He began moving away from the position of an internationalist to one of a cosmopolitan in 1916, and throughout the inter-war period he advanced the notion of regional and, ultimately, functional world government to a greater extent. Wells first demonstrated a functionalist society in Men Like Gods (1923) and further elaborated this system of government in most of his works, both fictional and non-fictional, throughout the rest of his life. Following an examination of the development of his political thought from inception to fruition, this study argues that Wells's political thoughts rank him alongside David Mitrany as one of the two founders of the functionalist school of international relations, an acknowledgement hitherto denied to Wells by scholars of world-government theory. Contents: Introduction; Liberal internationalism, 'ethical evolution' and cosmopolitan socialism; The death of the static: H.G. Wells and the kinetic Utopia, From 'the larger synlhesis' to the League of Free Nations, Educational reform from The Outline of History to the 'permanent world encyclopaedia'; From the League of Nations to the functional world state; Human rights and public accountability in the functional world state; The forgotten cosmopolitan: H.G. Wells and postwar transnational ism; Postscript: Mind at the end of its tether?; Bibliography; Index.

December 2003 c 208 pages Hardback ISBN 0 8546 3383 7 C £39.99

To Order contact: Ashgate Publishing Direct Sales, Bookpoint Ltd.,
130 Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 4SB UK
Tel: 44(0)1235 827730, Fax +44(0)1235 40054
E-mail: ashgate@bookpoint.co.uk
Order on-line at www.ashgate.com and receive 15% discount
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The Pitkin Guide to George Eliot
There has been a need for an inexpensive guide for the general reader who does not want to tackle one of the major biographies of George Eliot. We hope this concise, beautifully designed booklet will answer that need. Fully ilustrated in colour, it includes pictures, some of which have never before been published. Local museums hav co-operated fully and the booklet also includes up-to-date photographs of George Eliot related features.
Kathleen Adams,secretary of the George Eliot Fellowship has written the text. John Burton, local historian andphototapher has produced the images. £3.50 plus 50p p&50p from G. E.Fellowship.
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New Biography of Wilfred Owen by Dominic Hibberd, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Price £25. Tis book, illustrated with 24+ pages of illustrations and based on over thirty years of wide-ranging research, brings new information and reinterpretation to virtualy every point in Owen's life. Fresh light is shed on his family background, education and struggles with religion.
The Great War's greatest poet emerges as a complex, fascinating and often endearing character, with a strong ssense of humour and an intense delight in being alive.
Dominic Hibberd has been an acknowledged authority on Wilfred Owen for many year. His most recent book is a biography, Harold Monro: Poet of the New Age, described by the Sunday Times as both gripping and meticulously researched.
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Literary Norfolk - an Illustrated Companion, written by Julian Earwaker and Kathleen Becker, with foreword by Malcolm Bradbury.
Literary Norfolk is a celebration of the writers and writings of a unique and beautiful corner of Brtitain. This lavishly illustrated and absorbing companion takes the reader on a literary pilgrimage - across flint-strewn fields and reed-rimmed broads, from an embattled coast to the heart of an ancient cathedral city. Norfolk's wide skies, sense of mystery and quiet continuity have captivated generations of writers. In this indispensable guide, an abundance of quotes, anecdotes and biographical detail brings to life the literary heritage of a proud and independent county.
Journeying through landscapes both real and imagined, Literary Norfolk reveals a tapestry of work that is richly coloured and densely woven. Explore the coastline where Robinson Crusoe is first shipwrecked, sail unspooilt waterways with Arthur Ransome, walk the lonely headland with P D James and Inspector Dagliesh on the trail of The Whistler. This is the land of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield, Anna Sewell's Black Beauty and Jack Higgins' The Eagle has Landed. Running through the many threads of this literary tapestry is a common spirit - the spirit of Norfolk.
Obtainable from Chapter 6 Publishing, 134 London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2HQ at £14.99 (p & p free)
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Victorian Literature and Culture

Published semi-annually in 250-page issues, Victorian Literature and Culture encourages high quality original work concerned with all areas of Victorian literature and culture, including music and the fine arts. The journal welcomes contributions from international scholars and from younger members of the profession. Review essays form a central part of the journal and offer an authoritative view of important current subjects together with a list of relevant works that serves as an up-to-date bibliography.
e-mail enquiries to journals_marketing.cup.cam.ac.uk or
Cambridge University Press

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The New Writer
The New Writer is the magazine you've been hoping to find. It's different and it's aimed at writers with a serious intent; everyone who wants to develop their writing to meet the high expectations of today's editor.
Launched in September 1996 - incorporating two established writing magazines, Quartos founded 1897, and Acclaim founded 1992 - in every issue you'll find shortlisted fiction from the prestigious annual Ian St James Awards, a showcase for new poetry, articles and features, book reviews, market information, news and reader's views.
Contact: The New Writer, PO Box 60, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2ZR, tel: 01580 212626 or fax 01580 212041 for further information.

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The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens
This comprehensive companion volume explores both the private man and the public figure. Over 500 alphabetical entries, written by an international team of more than 60 contributors, chart the age in which he lived and worked, the places that were significant to him, and the ideas and social theories of the time.
There is a complete chronology of Dickens's life, a list of characters and abrreviations, a thematic overview and an extensive bibliography.
A unique reference source, this book will be a must-have for all specialists in 19th-century literature, and for many general readers who love Dickens.

ISBN 8662130 &ukpound;40 available from OUP, Saxon Way West, Corby, Northants. NN18 9ES, UK. Fax.+44 (0)1536 454518
Credit card hotline, available 24 hours a day, 44 (0)1536 741 727 (take note of ISBN number)
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Publications by The Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society
Scattered Limbs: The Making and Unmaking of Death's Jest-Book
by Michael Bradshaw
Michael Bradshaw offers a new approach to Death's Jest-Book in the light of recent theoretical work on fragmentary texts. Scattered Limbs relates the formal question of fragmentation to the drama's occult subject-matter, and argues that in his greatest work Beddoes developed a special poetic language to pour scorn on his search for human immortalituy, in doing so changing the nature of closure and the idea of an ending.
ISBN 0 9525063 4 3 45pp £4.50

Homage to Homunculus Mandrake by Alan Halsey
Commentators on Death's Jest-Book have generally regarded Homunculus Mandrake as a simple clown. Alan Halsey looks at the possibility that Beddoes intended Mandrake to be seen as a genuine homunculus - even, perhaps, the 'artificial man' Paracelsus claimed he had created. He goes on to explore other Paracelsian aspects of the play, arguing that the structure of the play is modelled on the 'as above so below' formula of medieval alchemy.

ISBN 0 9525063 3 5 28pp £4.50

A Skeleton Key to Death's Jest-Book by Alan Halsey
Thomas Lovell Beddoes began writing Death's Jest-Book, a tragedy in five acts, in 1825. A draft ws completed by 1829 but Beddoes was discouraged by the criticism of his friends Kelsall and Procter and abandoned plans for publication. During the 1830s, however, he attempted major revisions of the play and continued to make further additions to it in the 1840s.
In this study Alan Halsey sets Death's Jest-Book in the context of Beddoes' life and thought, exploring the themes of late Romanticism and the attempt to revive the English drama.
ISBN 0 9525063 1 9 40pp £3 incl p&p

Orders to The Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society, 11 Laund Nook, Belper,Derbyshire DE56 1GY, or The Poetry Bookshop, Broad Street, Hay-on-Wye, via Hereford HR3 5DB.

Selected Poems by Thomas Lovell Beddoes, due May 1999, £8.95 available from Carcanet Press, Freepost MR6474, Manchester M3 9AA
Mary Edgeworth's Irish Writing, Language, History, Politics by Brian Hollingworth
Maria Edgeworth is often regarded as a pioneer in the development of the regional novel and the use of vernacular language. This book is the first to offer an extensive discussion of all four of Edgeworth's major Irish tales, examing her attitudes towards language and regionalism n the context of her writing about Ireland.
ISBN 0 333 68166 5 256PP £40
Macmillan Press
Top of page The Little Book of Betjeman A charming evocation of the late Poet Laureate's life and work. Lavishly interested in both colour and black and white. RRP £9.99 isbn 0 9543617 6 8 Guidon publishing e.mail clive.reynard@btinternet.com. G

JOHN BETJEMAN by Dennis Brown

June 1999 publication
Summary: The book reassesses the work of England's favourite poet by bringing contemporary literary theory to bear on his unique gifts of lyricism, irony and empathy.
Author:Dennis Brown is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Hertfordshire. H has taught extensively across the range of literature but specialising in the twentieth century period. His books include: The Modernist Self in Twentieth-Century English Literature (1989); The poetry of Postmodernity (1994)
This book costs £8.00 for John Betjeman Society members including postage and packing.
It may be obtained from the Plymbridge Distributors Limited, telephone 01752 202301, or fax 01752 202331
Publication June 1999, 128 pp 216x135mm 0 7463 0895 7 £8.99
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The Georgian Poets: Abercrombie, Brooke, Drinkwater, Gibson and Thomas
by Rennie Parker
(Northcote House, 1999). 128 pages. Paperback, œ8.99. ISBN 07463-0899X.
A critical re-evaluation of the poetry of Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, John Drinkwater, Wilfrid Gibson and Edward Thomas. The Georgian movement in English literature began as a reaction against late-Victorian sensibilities, but world events soon turned this nascent movement upside down, killing two of its most famous members (Thomas and Brooke) and dispersing the rest amidst a harsher intellectual climate. This introductory study helps to set the Georgians in their original context and revises the critical balance in favour of three lesser-known figures whose contribution to early twentieth-century writing was viewed as significant before the 1930s. The author makes use of archive sources and reviews as well as recent historicist accounts, bringing these engaging, mysterious and humane writers into focus for our time.

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John Clare, Love Poems for full details is now available for order from most big bookshops. For people outside the UK with credit cards, it is also available from the internet-based bookshop Amazon at:Amazon bookshop edited by Simon Kovesi.
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The Text of Shelley's Death by Alan Halsey
Everybody knows the text of Shelley's death. The painful story has been so often told and is so familiar... Yet there is hardly a detail in any of the tellings and retellings of the story of Shelley's drowning which does not contradict, directly or silently, a detail in another. The Text of Shelley's Death collates these variant tellings using the techniques of the scholarly variorum.

This is a collage prose-poem, a biographical and critical study, a mystery.

ISBN 0 947960 04 X, £25 may be ordered from The Poetry Bookshop, West House, Broad Street, Hay-on-Wye, via Hereford HR3 5DB, tel: 01497 820 305 or 821 225
Return to Keats/Shelley Memorial Association
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Rewards of Wonder. Poems of Cotswold, France, London by Ivor Gurney will be published in March 2000 by MidNAG and Carcanet.
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The Biography of Neil Munro
by Lesley Lendrum

The first biography of Neil Munro has just been published at £22.00 by House of Lochar.  Written by Lesley Lendrum, a grand-daughter of Munro, it combines extensive research with family memories and personal insights.  Copies are available, post free, at a special price of £20 from the Secretary, The Neil Munro Society, 8 Briar Road, KIRKINTILLOCH, G66 3SA.
  Cheques should be made payable to The Neil Munro Society.
neil munro biography
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