Last modified: 4th February, 2004
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Herbert Luther Smith painting
Richmond drawing

Richmond drawing
Elizabeth Stevenson miniature
Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson
Miniature by W. J. Thomson, 1832
Samuel Lawrence drawing
Samuel Laurence drawing
Photograph of Mrs Gaskell aged 54
A Windows media file has been built which can be downloaded and run from your computer. This will show the four pictures and their matching features. The video file
Print all 5 images on white paper, and then again onto acetate.  If acetate is expensive, just copy  the Smith drawing onto acetate and print the rest on white paper.  (Tracing paper will also work!)  
  I found it helpful when aligning the pictures to concentrate on the line of the mouth and the inside corner of the eyes.
Note how closely the Richmond drawing and the painting by Smith correspond to each other. Then overlay the Richmond acetate, and then the acetate of the Smith painting, onto the photograph, to  see how they compare. (Though the photograph is taken some 14 years later, the bones stay the same).
The miniature by Thomson provides useful information on the shape of Mrs Gaskell's nose.  Although, the painting is drawn at a different angle, (and is of a much younger Elizabeth) it is  interesting to see how closely, not only the length and shape of the nose, but also the shape of the eyebrows, the line of the mouth and chin, compare to the features in the portrait by Smith.