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Lascelles Abercrombie
Jane Austen

Jane Austen
A comprehensive index compiled by Del Cain for the Le Faye edition of Jane Austen's letters. I have had a hardback copy for some time which I have tried to scan with no success. This is a wonderful asset. Do visit the site.
Jane AustenJane Austen
The Society's A.G.M. is always held on the 3rd Saturday in July in the grounds of Chawton House. The sun is very good about shining, but umbrellas may act as a deterrent.

Jane Austen in South America
A Jane Austen Society has been set up in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Patrick Orpen Dudgeon, Aguero 1881 PB "A", 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

JASA (The Jane Austen Society of Australia, (Brisbane)

New members are most welcome! Phone Joan on 3314 7600 if you would like to join.

The Jane Austen Society of Melbourne Inc
Mercia Chapman is the new Secretary of this society. E-mail: mchapman1@optusnet.com.au or 742, Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127, Australia.

Dutch Jane Austen-website. Still growing. Full of information and photographs.

In the steps of Jane Austen by Anne-Marie Edwards
The Letters of Mrs Lefroy:Jane Austen's Beloved Friendedited by Helen Lefroy and Gavin Turner.
Jane Austen section on YouTube, including a song you might enjoy, "Jane Austen" by Holly Christina.

A Rambling Fancyin the footsteps of Jane Austenby Caroline Sanderson
The Jane Austen Society
Persuasions, the JASNA publication
The revised Jane Austen Society of North America site
The Jane Austen Society of North America, South West site
Pride & Prejudice TV Journey
A new painting of Jane Austen at Chawton, by Tom CliffordHe has also written a very interesting piece on the research he did prior to the painting. Click on the thumbnail to get to the large picture and the research. To contact Tom, please e-mail pimlico@sover.net
Where to go?I get many letters from people asking where should they go to visit places connected with Jane Austen and I do hope you will look at the Gazetteer and find many places listed there, with pictures whenever possible, but there is also an American lady who has put her itineraries on the web and her page might be an inspiration to you all Book Adventures
"Jane Austen & the Interplay of Characterby Ivor Morris.
Map locations for Jane Austen
Review of new CDof Jane Austen's work etc. And the etc. is very interesting!
More about the CD
In the Steps of Jane Austen by Anne-Marie EdwardsA series of walking tours through the towns and countryside that Jane Austen knew, including Bath,Southampton and London.
Steventon visit
Bath Website
An amusing page. Not too serious!
Studying Jane Austen A level
The 1995 Study Pack for GCSE Level.
Inspired by Jane Austen for those who would like to read more
Two excellent speakers:
Paula Byrne, e-mail Paul@Bardbiz.com who speaks on Austen and the Theatre and is a very lively interesting young speaker.
Jane Odiwe Jane Odiwe's pagewhich includes, among other things, her new book on imaginary letters from Cassandra to Jane with delightful illustrations. Jane also has brought out some very attractive greeting cards.

Ball at Bath
Assembly Rooms Ball, Bath

Pat Latkins Jane Austen bookshop U.S.A.
The Jane Austen Memorial Trust
Videos:A boxed set of all the BBC Jane Austen productions became available from 3 September 2001, to include the 1972 version of Emma, the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudiceand Persuasion, the Mansfield Parkof 1983, the 1986 Sense and Sensibility and the 1987 Northanger Abbey.The boxed set sells at £74.99, catalogue number BBC V 72 59, BBC-TV Centre shop 020 8225 8230.
Steventon ChurchPlease visit!
  Godmersham Church Godmersham was once the home of Jane Austen's brother Edward (Knight) and much visited by Jane herself.
The site provides a wealth of historical and architectural detail of the Church and the village. More importantly, through membership of the Friends of Godmersham Church, access is given to a Godmersham discussion forum, a Friends' newsletter (with items on research, restoration and forthcoming Friends' events) and our Guided Tour service. Those intending to visit Godmersham are strongly advised to make use of this service because, for security reasons, we cannot guarantee that you will find the Church open. Only a few weeks ago I arrived at the Church to find two ladies from Georgia, USA waiting outside the locked door in the hope that someone would turn up to let them in. The Guided Tour service also gives access to parts of Godmersham not usually open to visitors.
The Church is a large, ancient and architecturally important building which is maintained and cared for by our small community (adult population of Godmersham village only just over 200). Through the Friends' Association, we will provide Janeites with a better insight into life in Godmersham and at the same time, raise much needed funds to continue our care of the Church. When it is completed the site will offer the facility of credit card payment for those wishing to join the Friends.
Reviews of many of Jane Austen's moviesand many pictures etc. Please visit, could be interesting!
Pride and Prejudice (2005)starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen (Spooks)
Literary Landscapes (British Library archive
Hampshire County CouncilA very comprehensive page of Places of Interest in Hampshire that are of interest to readers of Jane Austen's novels.
Information on Jane Austen