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Philip Arthur Larkin (1922-1985) Librarian at the University of Hull, 1955 for thirty years. Lived at Pearson Park, Hull for nineteen years. Pearson Park is "a smart residential enclave where he lived in an attic flat. Through a wrought-iron gate and under a tunnel of honeysuckle and Russian vine, the front door opens to reveal Thomas Mills, a man with a bushy white beard and firm opinions. He bought the house after Larkin left and is well used to the poet's fans turning up to gawp". Philip Larkin used to meet friends in the pillared lounge of the Royal Hotel. A statue of Larkin, hurrying for a train, designed by Martin Jenkins, is to be unveiled in December 2010. It will stand in the station. (The Times 12.6.10)Larkin archive held in the Brynmor Jones Library. His grave in Cottingham Cemetery.
There is a Larkin Trail available. I am trying to get a copy.

J.R.Tolkien (1892-1973) 1917 Army camp near Hornsea, 1917/1918 lived in Roos

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