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Dick Francis (1920-2010) born in the village of Lawrenny on the Cleddau river in Pembrokeshire. The family moved to near Maidenhead, in Berkshire, where his father became a horse dealer. Dick was educated at Maidenhead County Boys' school. but father thought a day's hunting or show-jumping more valuable than a day at school and left without any academic qualifications.

Leo Walmsley (1892-1966) John Nash hunting lodge, built late 18th cent. Leo Walmsley bought it when semi-derelict at beginning of 2nd world war. Farmed the land and his wife took in wartime evacuees and began a school. Walmsley built a waterwheel on the lake on the land, in order to provide electricity for the house. His book "The Happy Ending" (1957) is loosely based on his time there. He lived at Temple Druid from the late 30s to the early 40s.
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