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An Index of Writers and their Counties

Abercrombie Hereford

Jane Austen Oxford, Berkshire, Kent, Somerset, Hampshire, London, Warwickshire, Devon

Francis Bacon Cambridge, Hertfordshire, London

B.B. Northamptonshire

Thomas Lovell Beddoes Somerset, London,Oxford,

Hilaire Belloc London, Oxford, West Sussex, West Midlands

Adrian Bell Greater Manchester, London, Buckinghamshire, Suffolk

Arnold Bennett London, Staffordshire

E.F. Benson Berkshire, Cambridge, London, East Sussex, West Sussex, Wiltshire

Bewick Somerset, Cumbria, Derbyshire, London, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Lothian

Betjeman Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, London, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Norfolk,, Wiltshire, Dublin, Dublin Essay on Dublin

William Blake London, West Sussex

George Borrow Cumbria, London, Norfolk, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Clwyd, Dyfed, Gwynned, Tipperary, Lothian

Bronte London, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Derbyshire

Rupert Brooke, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Hereford, Warwickshire, Dorset

Browning London, Clwyd

John Buchan London, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Strathclyde, Tayside, Lothian

Fanny Burney London

Randolph Caldecott Greater Manchester, London, Shropshire, Cheshire

Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) Cheshire, Oxford, Surrey, East Sussex, Warwickshire, North Yorkshire, Gwynned, Hertfordshire

Chaucer London, Hampshire

G.K. Chesteron Buckinghamshire, London

John Clare, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, London, Northamptonshire

William Cobbett, Hampshire, London, Surrey Wiltshire

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Wiltshire Somerset, Cambridge, Cumberland, Devonshire, Dorset, Leicestershire, Somerset

Wilkie Collins London

Roald Dahl Buckinghamshire

De la Mare Buckinghamshire, London, Oxford

Deeping London, Cambridge, Surrey, Essex, East Sussex, Berkshire

Dickens, Hampshire, Kent, London, Devon, West Sussex, Dorset

Drinkwater Hereford, London, Nottinghamshire, Oxford, West Midlands

Daphne du Maurier Cornwall

Dorothy Dunnett Lothian, Fife

Conan Doyle Hampshire, Lothian, Lancashire, East Sussex, Surrey

George Eliot London, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Wiltshire

John Meade Falkner Dorset, Durham, Oxford, Wiltshire, Northumberland, West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

Ford Madox Ford London,Kent

C. S. Forester born in Cairo, London

Robert Frost Hereford, Oxford

Dick Francis Pembrokeshire, Oxford

Elizabeth Gaskell Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Hampshire, London, Warwickshire

Kenneth Grahame Lothian, Berkshire

Winston Graham Manchester, Cornwall, East Sussex

Wilfrid Gibson Hereford, London, Northumberland

Robert Graves London, Oxford, Devonshire

Graham Greene Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, London, , Oxford, Oxfordshire, West Sussex

Ivor Gurney Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, London

Rider Haggard London, Norfolk, Suffolk

Thomas Hardy Cornwall, Dorset, London

Henty George Alfred (1832-1902) Cambridge, London, Cambridgeshire, Dorset

James Hilton Cambridge, Lancashire

Gerard Manley Hopkins Essex, London, Oxford, Surrey, Clwyd, West Midlands, Lancashire, Mersey, Strathclyde, Dublin, Dublin Essay on Dublin,

Housman Cambridge, Worcestershire, London, Oxford, Shropshire

Richard Jefferies London, West Sussex, Wiltshire

Jerome K Jerome London, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands

Johnson Derbyshire London, Oxford, Staffordshire, West Midlands

David Jones, Kent, London,Powys, West Sussex.

Sheila Kaye-Smith London, East Sussex, West Sussex, Devonshire

Keats Hampshire, London

Kilvert Durham, Hereford, Oxford, Wiltshire, Powys, Clwyd, Somerset

Charles Lamb London, Hertfordshire Kent

Landor Somerset, Oxford, Warwickshire, Gwent, Glamorgan

Philip Larkin Humberside, Leicestershire, Oxford, Shropshire, West Midlands, Belfast

D.H. Lawrence Cornwall, London, Nottinghamshire Shropshire

T.E. Lawrence Dorset, London, Oxford, Gwynned

C.S. Lewis Belfast, Co. Down, Hertfordshire, Worcstershire

George Macdonald Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Dorset, Greater Manchester, London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Cork, Grampian, Oxford

Christopher Marlowe Cambridge, Kent, London

Harriet Martineau Norfolk, Cumbria, London, West Midlands Northumberland

John Masefield Gloucestershire, Hereford, London, Merseyside, Oxfordshire

John Milton Buckinghamshire

Neil Munro Argyll, Dunbartonshire, Lothian, Renfrewshire, Strathclyde, Stirlingshire

Edith Nesbit Essex, Kent, London

George Orwell Surrey, Oxford, Manchester, Suffolk, London

Wilfrid Owen Merseyside, Shropshire, Lothian, Oxfordshire

Elsie J. Oxenham Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Lancashire, London, Merseyside, Somerset, West Sussex, East Yorkshire, Gwynned, Scotland

Mervyn Peake London, Sark

Anthony Powell Berkshire, Oxford, Somerset, London

John Cowper Powys Derbyshire, Dorset, Cambridge, West Sussex, Clwyd
Littleton C. Powys Dorset
Theodore Powys Dorset

J. B. Priestley Cambridge, London, Warwickshire, West Yorkshire

Barbara Pym, London, Lancashire, Merseyside, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somerset A walking tour written by Ellen Miller is now available as a free download from the Barbara Pym Web site

Arthur Ransome Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Norfolk, Northumberland, Suffolk, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

Frank Richards Kent

Romany Cheshire East Yorkshire

Ruskin Cumbria, London, Oxford, North Yorkshire

Mark Rutherford Bedford, Oxford, London East Sussex, Surrey

Seigfreid Sassoon Kent, Cambridge, Wiltshire, London

Bernard Shaw Hertfordshire, London, Dublin, Dublin Essay on Dublin,

Percy Bysshe Shelley Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cumbria, Devonshire, Dorset, Hampshire, London, Oxford, West Sussex, North Yorkshire, Lothian

Muriel Spark Lothian

Robert Louis Stevenson Dorset, Fife, Lothian

Bram Stoker London, North Yorkshire, Dublin, Dublin Essay on Dublin

Tennyson Cambridge, I.O.W., Lincolnshire, London, Surrey

Angela Thirkell London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex Gloucestershire

Dylan Thomas Dyfed, West Glamorgan, London, Cornwall

Edward Thomas Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, London, Oxford, West Sussex

Tolkien Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cornwall, Devonshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Humberside, Kent, Nottinghamshire, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcstershire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

Trollope London, Hertfordshire, West Sussex, Co. Offaly, Dublin

Jules Verne France

Leo Walmsley Cornwall, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Pembrokeshire, London

Maurice Walsh Dublin, Dublin Essay on Dublin, Scotland

Webb Shropshire, East Sussex

H. G. Wells Kent, London, West Sussex, Berkshire, Essex, Dorset

Gilbert White Hampshire, Oxford

Charles Williams Hertfordshire, London, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oscar Wilde, London, Dublin, Dublin Essay on Dublin, Berkshire

Henry Williamson Bedfordshire, Devonshire, London, Norfolk, Suffolk

P.G. Wodehouse Gloucestershire, Hampshire, London ,Norfolk, Shropshire, Surrey, Worcstershire, Derbyshire

Parson Woodforde Norfolk, Oxford, Somerset

Virginia Woolf, London, East Sussex, Dorset

Wordsworth Cambridge, Cumbria, Dorset, Durham, Isle of Wight, Leicestershire, London, Somerset, North Yorkshire

Charlotte M Yonge Hampshire

Francis Brett Young Devonshire, worcstershire, Suffolk, West Midlands

Grub Street Rapscallions was based on Grub Street, in St Paul's area, now renamed Milton Street

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