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Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) Born 27 May and lived in Stoke on Trent. edu Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme. Buried in Stoke on Trent, Commemorated in public gardens at Stoke on Trent 205 Waterloo Road, Stoke on Trent, now a museum for Arnold Bennett.
There are many buildings with plaques:

In Clayhanger Street part of walk taken by Edwin and James Yarlet in Clayhanger

Now part of Woolworths, next door John Baine's shop Bennett wrote" I had lived in the shop and knew it as only a child could know it. It is unaltered above ground floor level.

At corner of St John's Square and Queen Street

Clayhanger's Printing Works, home of Darius Clayhanger, the first steam printer in Bursley. This faces onto Swan Square and the Swan Inn. This is one of the oldest public places in Burslem and Bennett often refers to them as Duck Square and The Duck Inn.

The Swan,The Duck Inn, but has been rebuilt

View of Arnold Bennett's Memorial

Now the Big House, The Conservative Club in Clayhanger
Excellent hotel where the A.L.S. A.G.M. took place is the George, known as The Dragon in Arnold Bennett's novels. e-mail georgestoke@btinternet.com.
The George Hotel

George Borrow (1803-81) Lived in Stafford 1825

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, on 2nd May 1859. 1861, the Jeromes moved first to Stourbridge. In 1927, he was made a Freeman of the Borough of Walsall.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
Born 18th September in Breadmarket Street, (facing directly on to the Market Place)Lichfield. The house (owned by Lichfield District Council) is now a museum devoted to Johnson's work, life and personality and is open throughout the year.Johnson's home
Samuel Johnson's Birthplace
Samuel Johnson's Kitchen
St Mary's Church, opposite the birthplace. Johnson's baptism was recorded here, though the ceremony was conducted in the room in which he was born, as he was not expected to live.
Johnson's Statue
Samuel Johnson's Statue
Johnson's statue is in the Market Place. There is an annual service on a Saturday near to Johnson's birthday. Boswell's Statue is at the opposite end of the Market Place. Dame Oliver's School is in Dam Street where Johnson first went to school.James Boswell's
James Boswell's Statue
At St Michael's Church, Greenhill, Johnson's father, mother and brother Nathaniel are buried. The Cathedral in The Close has a statue of Johnson on the south-east exterior. At Burntwood, Edial Hall Samuel Johnson and his wife opened a school in 1735. There is a plaque on the wall, but the house is now in private hands.
Four miles north-west of Ashbourne is Ilam, at the entrance to Dovedale which maybe one of the models for the Happy Valley in his novel Rasselas.
Uttoxeter, thirteen miles north-east of Stafford, is where Johnson's father had bookstalls in the Market Place (and several other market places). He is said to have stored his books at the Lion Inn, now the Red Lion Buildings, opposite St Mary's church.

J.R.Tolkien (1892-1973) 1918 Lived at Gipsy Green, near Penkridge, 1916, 1917 Lived at Great Haywood

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