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New Poets
The British Library (2004) their season of West End Poetry. † They should be having monthly poetry events until December with a summer break in July and August. They have previously had readings of T.S.Eliot (read by Edward Fox) and W.H.Auden (read by Edna O'Brien + others) These events have proved to be very successful!
Hampshire Poets: second Wednesday in the month, 8p.m. at Cha Cha's, 93 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Tel: 023 9229 3806, Poetry readings. Enjoy!

The East Coker Poetry Group Please visit, poetry competition included!
The Internet resource for writers of all abilities, everywhere
Poetry Life: Britain's sharpest national poetry magazine. Editor: Adrian Bishop
This looks a very interesting page. Poetry Life Magazine, has now paid out £15,550 directly to poets. The purpose of the magazine and the competitions is to provide a platform of criticsal commendation for new poets to make their mark and to bring them to wider public attention.

Unpaid fees
New publication - Writers' Guide
Poetry Society Page Comprehensive page for poets, poetry events and competitions.
The Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall, Level 5 (there is a lift!). This website and the library itself have many sheets of advice on writing poetry. And they are very pleasant and helpful. Good luck!
The Poetry Council offers a service to Poets and Writers to publish their work with their unique Sponsored Publishing Service. Many competitions listed on their site.
New Magazine from Mayo in Ireland wanting articles, poems, illustrations
Poets Mailing List - poetrylist@aol.com - this letter may be of interest: Many of you are poets, some have a website that deals with poetry, and other may have been mistakes. However, if you like poetry then you should check out my newsletter. It is sent out on the first and the fifteenth of every month. It has around 400 subcribers in 15 countries around the world. Free and formal verse all welcome. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you'd like to see the latest issue please email me back and also do so to sign up.
Thank you for your time.
Bobby Whetzel
LynxThe newest issue of Lynx is available here. Perhaps you could add yours? The way to submit is right at the bottom on the left and it is a long page.
The United Press Ltd Have an annual competition and publication.

New U.K. Poets and one Australian on the Web

Steve Anderson
Jim Bennett
Jonathon Culley
David Ennion
Frances Macaulay Forde
Alex Frankel
Dylan Harris
Peter Howard
Mario Huet
Simon Icke
Cyrus Issac
Alex Kashko
Wolf Larsen
Michelle McGrane
Peter Nicholson
Matthew Ould
Georgina Parker
Richard Peacock
Elisha Porat
Rehan Qayoom
Paul Taylor
Cameron Self
Dave Taub
Michael Youth

The Bear's Den - Spoken Word Poetry icq # 33958401
Epoetry magazine. Do visit it!


Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson has been out and proud for more years than he cares to remember. Winner of the coveted school prize for poetry in his last year, he has been writing seriously for publication since 1991. He won the 6th Commonword Poetry Slam with a poem about kd lang's Constant Craving. An appearance on Granada TV frightened the life out of him while, appearing live at a Candlelight Vigil in front of more than 5,000, didn't faze him in the slightest. Steve has been published in a large variety of journals, winners anthologies and established poetry magazines. A non-Catholic, his work has even appeared in The Catholic Times. He now lives in central Manchester where, after a bit of a break, he is back to reading and writing lots of poetry. He currently has in the order of sixty poems looking for an appropriate publisher.
Winner of the BSPG Poetry competition 1996.
Winner of the 6th Commonword Poetry Slam.
Winner of the Cherrybite Publications Anthology competition [129 entrants] 1998.
Pamphlet: Bitter Almonds - published by BigBear Publications in 1995 - now out of print.
Anthology: Alchemy Of Passion: Knaresborough and Mother Shipton in Poems - published by BigBear Publications in 1998 - copies available on-line from Amazon Books or direct from the poet at £6.00 each inc p&p.
Pamphlet: Working A Way Through - published by Cherrybite in 1999 - now out of print. See a selection from Alchemy Of Passion and Working A Way Through for newer work
He is happy to give a little help and encouragement to both new and established poets and to review new collections and poetry journals for the Internet so long as a hard copy is sent and he is allowed to keep the collection afterwards. Steve Anderson - UK Poet - not to be confused with the writer by the same name in the USA - 34, Mossbrook Court, 2 Kentford Drive, Collyhurst, MANCHESTER, M40 7RE, United Kingdom.

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Jim Bennett is a writer and poet who lives in Wallasey on Merseyside. He works at the University of Liverpool delivering courses on creative writing and is responsible for the organisation of the University, Abercromby Writers Group. To date has written thirty four books and five have been produced as audio books. His work has been extensively published and he has performed readings of his poems in the USA and Britain.
Jim Bennett's Homepage with his poetry
Poetry Discussion Site for poets and readers to place their own poetry or to talk about poetry

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O.K. This is my son and he has a poem on the internet! I like it, I hope you do too!Chewing Gum on the Fat Man's Shoes
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David Ennion has been writing and performing poetry and song in the Merseyside area for many years, solo and in several ensembles. Also an experienced teacher of creative writing and other arts subjects to children and young people. Most recently worked for a national charity, enabling disabled youngsters to use the arts and ITC in order to express their views and feelings more effectively.
Published a book of children's poetry 'Not in the Same Class' in 1992, Now archiving other material on his website
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Frances Macaulay Forde graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Writing from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. Born in England, raised in Africa, marriage, children and divorce in Australia; Frances is busy re-discovering love at the age of 52, in Ireland.
Hidden Capacity ~ a poet's journey is her first publication. Pieces have been taken from three collections; University study at 48, writing in the suburban railway landscape and exploring the possibilities of love with the man she knew 28 years ago. More details. There is a delightful poem about a Red Car on the page. It made me loving recall my old red Morris Minor. Ah, those were the days...
The book sells for Euro 12.00 + P and P
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Alex Frankel's new page
At the age of 29, Alex Frankel has already abandoned successive careers in the Foreign Office and the IT industry.† He is currently living in Hong Kong, where his girlfriend works.† He still writes the occasional poem about life, love or bottoms and also dabbles in Community Theatre, sings in Karaoke bars and toys with the idea of doing some English teaching (when his savings are exhausted).† Alex won the Poem of the Month Competition in February 1998.† This was the only poetry competition he has ever entered, so he has since then entered no others, for fear of ruining his 100% success rate!
Alex has now published The Status Report which is a collection of offbeat poetry (often, but not always humourous) on diverse themes ranging from computer training to body odour in the office, from dinner party small talk to constipation. Many of the poems were originally written as entertainment for bored office colleagues, so were inspired by office subject matter, such as 'The Bogey on My Keyboard' and 'The Death of Derek the Desk Tidier'. Many of the poems have simple comic intent, while others embrace more serious themes and styles. Visit frankly.users.btopenworld.com to read more about it and enjoy his poems.
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For three poems from Mario Huet which are thoughtful and well worth perusing Mario Huet
Maj for Webwroth
She Waits
Jadis There are also photographs of Mario's desirable women and literary pieces written with Mario's very pleasant touch of humour.

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Peter Howard
Peter Howard is yet another Oxford-educated, white, male, middle class poet. At least he read Physics and Philosophy rather than English, and his Cambridge address has slightly more credibility than a London one would have. He hasn't had a career as stevedore/barman/executive/cordon- bleu chef, though apart from an early indiscretion as a teacher, he has managed to avoid academia by becoming a telecommunications system design consultant (whatever that is). His penchant for irony frequently lands him in trouble. These poems are modern and treat serious issues with his particular touch of humour.
Poems on the web that I particularly enjoyed:
In at the Deep End
The Visit
Think Carefully For poems from Peter Howard The page has had a major facelift. 14/4/04. Do visit it.

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Simon Icke
A remembrance poem Read and enjoy

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Alex Kashko
Alex Kashko has written and published many works. Only one poem unfortunately on his page, as yet.

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Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris's site includes a wide range of poetry on a variety of subjects, including an ode to Cavity Wall Insulation, a dirty limerick about Guinness, and rather a lot of anti-Christmas invective.

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Cyrus Issac
Cyrus Issac is a new up and coming UK Poet with a poetic slant for the 'darker shades' of 21st Century life. He explores many issues and subjects pertinent to our times, and uses both free verse and traditional rhyme in addition to some experimental poetry.
Cyrus Issac has composed two complete poetry collections: Dark Night of The Soul & Computoid. Cyrus Issac's website with many of his poems and his poetry collections. Well worth visiting.
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Wolf Larsen is an adventurer, novelist, playwright, and poet.† He has travelled through 45 countries in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.† To pay for his travels Wolf worked as a seasonal labourer in Alaska.† Wolf has lived in Chicago, Wisconsin, New York City, Ecuador, Honduras, Brazil, and Peru.† Wolf has written four novels, six collections of poetry, a play, and a screenplay.† His two autobiographical novels are Unalaska, Alaska and Travel Around the World?† Why Not?!
Eulogy for the Human Race is Wolf Larsenís dynamic book of poetry.† Poems include White Man Living in Harlem, Conversations with Red and Blue and Green, a Prostitute, I am the Poet, Jesus Christ Sitting in the Electric Chair, Florescent Lakes at the Knitting Factory, and many others.† Many of the poems in Eulogy for the Human Race have been published in literary magazines.† You may now buy Eulogy for the Human Race at Amazon.com or other online book retailers.
Wolf Larsenís Internet site which is filled with his wild poems, plays, and novels.†The most exciting authorís site on the World Wide Web!†
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Michelle McGrane
Michelle is a young lady from South Africa. Please read her poems. And enjoy!
A Leo born in Mutare, Zimbabwe in August 1974, she moved to Malawi in 1975 where her family lived until she was fourteen.† They then moved to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, at the end of 1988 where she finished her schooling and went to Business College.† She is currently employed as an Executive Secretary to a Director of an Insolvency Department in a legal firm, but would like to become a full-time freelance writer eventually.† She has had poetry published in Carapace, Kotaz, Botsotso, Sun Belly Press, Pagan Africa, Fidelities and Newsart (South African magazine/poetry journals) within the last two years as well as having poetry on Electric Acorn (Irish e-zine), The Quarterly Muse (UK magazine), Comrades (UK/US e-zine) and Headlight Journal (US e-zine).† She is currently working on her first anthology entitled Fireflies & Blazing Stars and enjoys painting when she has the time although writing is her primary creative medium.
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Matthew Ould
Matthew Ould is a 32 year old poet who has just had his book of poems published. The poems are based on 4 imaginary people. Matthew has had mental problems which he has faced and overcome and the book is an inspiration on the fight to beat the illness. The book is available from Matthew at Kingsleigh, Main Street, Peopleton, Wrocs. WR10 2EA.Cover

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Peter Nicholson An introduction to the work of the Australian poet, Peter Nicholson.
For details of his new anthology, please visit Uiowa press
Extract from Wagner essay
Kursk,a recent poem
Ozlit editorial
Collaborative poetics
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
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Georgina Parker is a 44 year old Nail Technician, and she has been writing poetry for about 8 years. Her poetry consists mainly of sonnets, but some other formats are thrown in for good measure. Her inspiration comes mainly from her own experiences, and those of others she meets.
A page of Gina's poems
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Richard Peacock
The poetry of Richard Peacock contained within Symbols Of Love is astonishing! It is among the best of our time! Inside Symbols Of Love you will find out much more about this modern day poet who's bloodline flows rich with English, Irish & Finnish heritage.
Richard Peacockís ďSymbols Of LoveĒ is available for purchase at Richard Peacock's website as well as: www.Amazon.com & for order at most major book stores!

Elisha Porat a 1996 winner of Israel's Prime Minister's Prize for Literature, has published more than a dozen volumes of fiction and poetry, in Hebrew, since 1973.
Elisha Porat is the Author of The Messia of LaGuardia, a collection of short stories.
Elisha's Home Page
In Netanya, above the Cliff
A delightful page for his poem,Fidelities.
Poets Haven poems of Elisha Porat (30 pages of his poems and writings.
2004 Interview
Two rather lovely poems on the A.L.S. site
Elisha Porat's home page
Another page for Mr Porat
short extracts from the author's works:
poems and short stories
poems, fiction, interview, reviews
poetry, fiction
poems, fiction
collection of poems
Book Reviews
Wind River Press
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Rehan Qayoom is a published poet from London.† He was born in the UK, read English Literature at Birkbeck College, University of London and served there as Poet Laureate. he is involved in many independent literary projects. His translations of many eastern poets have won him international acclaim and are published in periodicals and anthologies in the UK and in India. His book 'Seeking Betjeman country' was written in commemoration of the hundredth birthday of the Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman, (1906 - 1985). The forthcoming book will be about poets buried in the Magnificent Seven London cemeteries.

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Dave Taub
David Taub, was born in England, and although still a British citizen, is currently living in Florida (USA).† His poetry and various magazine articles have been published both in England and more recently North America.
He is also a member of a group of poets on the web who are publishing their work together. Join them!
Congratulations to Dave Taub on the publication of his new book Language of Souls. This book contains poems of k.t. Frankovich, Ruth Solomon with those of David. It is a delightful book with the artistic drawings of Freydoon Rassouli. The poems are positive and full of hope, beautifully written. For a review of the book go to http://www.amazon.com and enter the book's title.

The book has been put forward for:

Dave Taub
Dave Taub's wife is also a poet.
Where Heavens Meet is an interesting new work by k.t. It is a work about k.t's life. k.t. has had many paranormal experiences and uses her gift to help others, particularly those who have experienced the death of their child.
This book is not a peaceful book, but it does, hopefully, broaden one's understanding.
For details about kt Frankovitch
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Paul Taylor Trombone and poetry trombone poetry: a solo performance project, interweaving music and poetry. Free improvisations, jazz standards, or original compositions, setting moods for original poems about music, urban life, science, and the absurd. Do visit this site. And Enjoy!
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Michael Youth
Michael Youth was born in 1974; received his B.A. in Classics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; is currently studying law at the University of North Carolina's Law School; and is one of the founding members of The Motorcycle Poets
He has published two short volumes of poetry.
Michael Youth
 An American poet with very lively poems

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Published 28th January:

The Internet: A Writers Guide
ISBN 0 7136 5192 X
A & C Black, £9.90 208pp ordering and sample text at: www.internetwriter.co.uk Jane Dorner is well-known in writing circles for her books and articles on web publishing and new technologies for writers. She represents the Society of Authors on the Council of the Authors Licensing & Collecting Society, is on the Board of the Copyright Licensing Agency and is a Director of the Writing and Computers Association. As a result, she singularly placed to evaluate the impact of the Internet on writers and journalists both now and in the future. This book merges extensive experience with personal comment.

Whether you are using the Internet as a means of publishing your work or as an aid to your research, this book gives practical, thoughtful and in-depth advice on how the Internet can be of use to you as a writer. It explores how

to: extend the use of email
join writers' circles and reading groups
locate agents, editors, translators or publishers
find books and bibliographical references
exploit electronic writing as a new art form
evaluate new publishing opportunities
resource creative writing courses

A unique listings section of over 800 websites for writers is in the book is now online -- password-protected (the password is in the book).

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If you would like to have your poetry page added, please do contact me Mail from here!